L’Oreal Clear & Comfort Face Mask Review

Love love love this mask. I use it 3 times a week and it really helps smooth, brighten, cleanse the skin and even even out the skin tone. Definitely the perfect low-cost mask. It is gentle on the skin and easy to cleanse.

The mask itself is an awesome bright blue and looks almost metallic, but I think it’s just a place for clay. However, when it dries on my face, I do feel it becomes metal…

This is perfect consistency. Don’t be too thin, and don’t be too thick. And it doesn’t take much effort to wash off. I also found that it does not make my skin feel dry or tight. This is interesting because I believe this particular formula is for oily skin. However, the perfect balance of ingredients helps to remove dirt and grease while soothing stress areas. The mask is composed of three clays: kaolin, montmorillonite (whatever it is) and Moroccan lava. There is also seaweed, which adds a dose of hydration and is said to significantly reduce the appearance of blemishes.

In terms of exfoliating and improving the skin, the clay mask is really good, not to mention detoxifying impurities, dirt and oil. You can use them one or several times a week (depending on your skin type) and they are also perfect for multiple shades!

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