L’Oreal Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Mask Review

Rosy Tone Cream Moisturizer is a daily moisturizer that adds rose pigment to restore the rosy color lost with age.

It is a great creamy texture that blends seamlessly into the skin. If you find that your skin is losing its rosy luster and becoming more waxy, then this product is for you. For only $24.99, you will not miss it.

First of all, another important point about the color of cream. Initially, I thought it was just a beautiful color, my favorite color, but the cream shade has something to do with the benefits of “rosy”.

The moisturizer actually makes my skin glow! My skin tone is lighter, so I can see the effect on my skin: I did get a very beautiful blush. Because the tinted moisturizer contains rose pigments, it is designed to suit most skin tones.

It is a very thick cream. In fact, I think as winter comes, I will prefer this moisturizer because it is so rich and protective. In fact, although Rosy Tone Moisturizer is recommended as a day moisturizer, due to its bright and rosy benefits, I sometimes use it at night because it feels very nourishing.

Have you tried these products? What is your favorite L’Oreal skin care product?




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