L’Oreal Clarify & Smooth Face Mask Review

Who is it for? L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Clarify and Smooth is a clay mask that contains yuzu lemon. It can remove accumulated impurities, dirt and pollution. Shedding rough, dead skin cells.

The texture is like a mask, it glides easily and contains small exfoliating particles. And this perfume is also great.

This gorgeous bright yellow clay mask is added with grapefruit lemon extract to remove impurities, dirt and pollution while removing dead skin cells. If you want to achieve an even skin tone or texture, then this mask is ideal for you. Over time, your skin will appear smoother, more even, and shiny. “Natural exfoliants” are completely non-abrasive, leaving the skin feeling smooth and clean.

My skin does feel smooth and it does seem to make it look brighter, so maybe this is why a white residue is left to help clarify the skin. I like how it feels on the skin after using it. It does not dry out and makes it smooth and very soft.

This is a great exfoliating product.


$12.99 /1.7 FL. OZ.


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