L’Oreal Active Daily Moisture Review

The product is packed in white plastic bottles with mushroom-shaped bottle caps. The opening of the bottle is very wide, so a large amount of product can be dispensed at one time. I like its packaging because it is easy to adjust the number of products you want to use.

The lotion has a slightly thick fluid consistency and feels very rich when applied. It is actually cream colored, not the yellow shown in the bottle inside.

In addition to moisturizing the face, you can also use it as a normal lotion to moisturize other parts of the body, such as the soles of the feet or the bottoms of the legs.

With the cold in the coming months, my face needs heavier moisturizer because it becomes so dry. This has been very effective. My skin is very soft and it stays moisturized all day long without burdening my skin.

The only problem is that my T zone is a bit oily, but in general, I like my new moisturizer.




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