L’Oreal Resurface & Energize Kona Coffee Scrub Review

It can also bring sweet enjoyment to your pores. This buttery soft sugar scrub contains finely divided cocoa, coconut oil and rich cocoa butter. It is designed for dry skin and melts in a gentle and effective exfoliation process.

After scrubbing, the dull, dry skin is gently wiped away, immediately revealing smooth and comfortable skin. In just one week, the skin looks healthier, smoother and more radiant.

The sugar scrub nourishes and softens, not only does it smell super delicious, it keeps the skin in and after application due to the cocoa butter. Use it on dry, dry skin 3 times a week. After use, the skin feels soft and clean. With the help of sugar crystals, L’Oreal’s Sugar Scrubs Nourishing Scrub gently removes dead skin cells. Especially in winter or when the skin is dry, this scrub is more suitable. Yes, anyone who uses the mild chocolate scent like me will have a lot of fun from it.

My skin tone looks particularly dull and lifeless recently. However, after only using this coffee infusion scrub once, my skin was immediately awakened! In addition to providing a gentle exfoliation, this sugar scrub makes my skin feel very smooth and rejuvenated. All in all, these facial scrubs work very well and I will definitely replenish my arsenal once the formula runs out.




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