L’Oreal Extra Strong Hold Review

L’Oreal Extra Strong Hold is packed in an aerosol can, with an ultra-fine, odorless mist that keeps the hair firmly in place. For such a control formula, this spray is quite flexible. The extremely fine mist holds the hair in place, but it is easily brushed off without flaking. The only downside: the jar requires an extra-high bathroom cabinet.

It has a very real chemical reaction because it is full of alcohol, a bit but very strong; it disappears in a few seconds, not a problem.

It has very strong stability. If you need to wash your hair, you can use the hair brush to dissipate the rabbit, the hair will return to normal, and you are ready to have a new look.

It has a soft feel, but unless you brush it off, you can keep it all day long. It sprays evenly, so there are no strange hard spots on my hair. You can even apply it, let it dry, brush it off, and spray it again to get really strong rigidity.

In this way, your hair is less likely to be touched, but it can maintain an extra state. I prefer the newer odorless version, because odorless is always better for me than floral.

If you have not tried this product, I strongly recommend you to try it, you can thank me later!




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