L’Oreal Exfoliate & Refining Face Mask Review

Indulgence. Transformative. Very clean. L’Oreal Paris skin experts have created a super-charged pure exfoliating clay mask, which contains red algae extract, which can exfoliate and improve the skin in just 10 minutes.

Clay masks have become very popular recently, ranging from high-end to mid-range, and even drugstore, budget-friendly ones. L’Oréal launched three clay mask formulations in the fall of 2016. If they are not already available, they should be available in your local pharmacy.

This is my opinion on L’Oreal Detox and Brightening Mask!

Through wear and tear, my skin actually feels cool. After 15 minutes, you can add a little water and use the mask to gently exfoliate the skin because it has a granular texture that can remove dry, flaky skin. I think it does a good job of smoothing and improving my dry skin.

After use, my skin looks smoother and softer, and my skin care products seem to be absorbed more easily after use. I also feel that my skin looks very, very bright after rinsing and the next morning after use!

I really like this mask and I appreciate the fact that it does not dry out or tighten my skin after use! If you have dry skin, I suggest you check it!




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